Flex Systems: An American Manufacturer Of PVC Patches

Custom patches have an interesting history spanning as far back as the 3rd century BC, long before the industrial revolution. In ancient China when clothing was mended or patched, the seamstresses used intricate designs which evolved into clothing patches. For centuries, embroidered patches were created by hand, and were quite expensive.

The industrial revolution modernized the creation of custom patches. Isaak Groebli created the Schiffli Embroidery Machine which made custom patches more available to the masses. The military was the first to embrace patches on a large scale basis, and their use quickly spread. Policeman, firefighters, sport teams, clubs, etc. continue to use patches to display affiliations or club membership.

When Velcro was introduced, it was the perfect hook and loop product for patches to be easily attached and removed. With modern technology, custom Velcro patches are made with digitized patterns quickly and efficiently with mass producing technology. Custom PVC patches are now becoming quite popular. This sturdy material will prolong longevity with no fading. Patches have evolved from simple cloths to custom and durable patches made with modern materials that will last for many years. For more information about custom PVC patches, click here.